Saturday, 15 August 2015

The battle of the wooster vs purdy roller sleeves put to the test


I had a great chance to use wooster and purdy roller sleeves side by side with acrylic eggshell paint by Johnstones
 I much preferred the wooster sleeves as the purdy marathons felt a little too synthetic for my liking the wooster sleeves had a  much softer action fluffier in use and gave a much better quality finish they washed out much easier too!
But by far the wooster pro dooz gets my vote for all round performance.


                              PURDY MARATHON pro extra


                            WOOSTER PRO DOO- Z


                       PURDY IN THE RED CORNER



Monday, 6 April 2015

Refina Plasiflex finishing trowel

Plasiflex trowel for skimming and finishing plaster a review

                           The 14" plasiflex by refina tools

As a decorator you may come across Artex ceilings which are a little dated i have often been asked to skim over these or do i know a plasterer who could do the job?
I am used to using caulking tools with plastic blades for joint finishing and saw these trowels used for skimming, they have a very flexible edge and are becoming a popular choice with professional plasterers. I decided to buy and use a plasiflex to skim over a swirl artex ceiling for a customer.
The tool itself is very well made and the edges surprisingly flexible.
It was as you can See from the video very easy to use and i was very pleased with the results.
After preparing the ceiling by scraping away any high spots from the artex i then repaired some quite large cracks with self adhesive joint tape the tape was then roughly skimmed over with plaster.
a generous coat of thinned unibond applied to the ceiling sealed the artex ready for skimming.
As you can see the ceiling was perhaps the worst type to test my plastering skills which had been confined to patching small areas and skimming onto boards but i found this tool surprisingly easy to use it very lightweight and ergonomically well designed for prolonged use.
Once you get used to the feel of the tool and spreading without pressing the plaster too much it was a speedy job to quickly apply the first coat of plaster to back fill the artex which in places was a couple of mill deep.
once set i began to apply the second coat and it was only then that this tool began to show its true ease of use the flexi edge smoothed the rough first coat without effort and it was very difficult to believe it was this easy to skim such a rough large area so quickly.
The ceiling dried to a great unpolished finish ideal for mist coating a couple of days later.
I would not hesitate in recommending this product and it paid for itself on its first job.
So if you do the odd bit of patching or want to branch out into offering to skim rooms this would be a good choice of tool.

flexible not half!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Wooster products at Screwfix



I have noticed that my local screwfix outlet now stock a small range of wooster products
I think that this is great news and i fully support them.
You can get some silver tip brushes and 9 inch frames and sleeves
Sherlock roller poles
Pelican scuttles and liners
Lock jaw tool holder
Exquisite superflow brushes
It is a small range but i'm sure overtime it will grow it's really great to see such high quality products available so conveniently local without having to order online.
I would recommend using the online stock checking tool on the screwfix website where you can reserve for collection

Acrylic satinwood paint by Dulux a review

I find that satin wood paint is becoming evermore popular but some times i struggle with the coverage and finish getting the balance right can be a pain.

Dulux quick dry satinwood brilliant white

I found this product

Is easy to apply without overloading

Has a nice smooth level finish

Gives excellent coverage

Was very easy to apply gives the user plenty of time to lay off

Only required two coats for perfect coverage

You don't have to overload the surface trying to get it to cover

Nice sharp white finish

Price wise, very competitve and easily available

Overall an excellent product  

For  customers who request a gloss finish i use johnstones acrylic gloss paint, it has a great shine but i not a huge fan of the acrylic satin they produce.
I'm now happy that i can be confident and offer an equally good satin finish with Dulux satinwood

Thursday, 27 November 2014

How to wallpaper around a window


Here is my video on how to wallpaper the small tricky bit around a window reveal

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Star ceilings, how to turn any ceiling into a glow in the dark galaxy with simple tools and of course glow in the dark paints

buy glow in the dark paint

I recently contacted  Mark Watts regarding his ebook instructional on how to create star ceilings.

Mark very kindly sent me a copy and its a nice clear concise ebook detailing his techniques with some good tips on setting up and the tools and materials required .

I will be doing some star ceilings as friends and family have shown a great interest in having something a little more unusual .

One of marks pupils had a ceiling creation featured on diy sos tv show the video with the unveiling segment is a nice touch.


I have done some research on the glow in the dark paints , these are acrylic based and are safe non toxic etc ,.

The prices vary depending on quality, expect to pay £9.99 for 30ml of paint (Glowtec)

Alternatively you could buy a kit from £34.99 

the star ceiling e book can be purchased from the link below. 

Click Here!


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Looking for ready mixed wood fillers read my Ronseal ready mixed wood filler review

buy multi purpose filler

Multi purpose wood filler, Ronseals ready mixed wood filler When and where to use it, how does it perform?


Ronseal ready mixed wood filler




A traditional ready mixed wood filler (not lightweight) it's not a product i would normally use on new woodwork typically you are having to fill deep screw/nail holes in pine joinery.

Some ready mixed products can dry harder than the substrate timber making it very difficult to sand without damaging the bare wood surrounding the filled area.

Epoxy fillers can be troublesome in this respect but often epoxy fillers or two pack mix filler is specified on some new builds.

Mixing powder filler is an option but often does not have the strength to create a long lasting fill, it can after a short time during the drying process begin to fall out or crack away from the timber or screw head.

So  a ready mixed filler that has user friendly qualities, combined with a fast drying time is a great addition in many ways a time and money saver.

Ronseal multi purpose comes in a range of colours so it also good for filling timber that is being stained rather than painted.

In this video i use the white version as its easy to see once dry.

It has a slightly runny consistency from the tub  but as soon as it hits any surface it begins to firm up so it does not dribble out of the deep screw holes etc.

A screw on lid design keeps the product fresh for use and its handy size makes it easy to carry around in a pocket.

I found it did save me time and i was very pleased with its one fill application and its easy to sand formula, not too soft and not too firm.

A great product i would definitely buy again.


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